Working as your partner in buying your new home, we strive to ensure your purchase is completely secure and that the builder has been held to its standards for building. Before your final walk-thru, it is imperative to schedule a new construction inspection in order to uncover any hidden issues or any potential for future problems. We’ll check that all utilities are connected correctly, that all mechanical systems are functional, and that the integrity of the structure itself is of high-quality and without flaws. We’ll also test the functionality and quality of all appliances. We can also perform optional tests on sprinkler systems and others and run thermal imaging and radon level tests when requested.

As your home inspectors, we’ll also provide a comprehensive, highly detailed report listing any/all issues or concerns.

With an exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled knowledge of new-build housing, we know what to expect in residential construction and use our experience to your benefit. Schedule your home inspection by contacting our team now.

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