From foundation to roof, from plumbing to AC, your home inspection should be comprehensive in nature, ensuring that you feel confident in what is sure to be your most significant investment. From the moment your Brick and Mortar Home inspector arrives at the property in question, he/she will take careful and detailed notes on the condition of all structural and mechanical elements. Testing the functionality of the mechanical systems: electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling, while also looking for uncommon signs of disrepair or neglect, your inspector is trained to highlight the pros and cons of the home you’re considering. Every inch of the interior, including attic and crawl spaces, will be thoroughly assessed while appliances, HVAC systems and all lighting and power switches will be repeatedly checked. When complete, the details of your home inspection will be readily available for you and your agent’s perusal.

At Brick and Mortar Home Inspections, we take the process as seriously as you take your decision to buy. Our focus has always been aimed at ensuring peace of mind throughout the process by providing honest, transparent and helpful information.

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