Though a built-in swimming pool can be a high-end addition to any home in Atlanta, it can also be financially disastrous if underlying problems begin to surface and affect its functionality. Because issues with the pump, filtering systems and structure of the pool can go unnoticed for months, it is imperative that, if the home you’re considering has an inground pool, it is thoroughly inspected. However, not all home inspectors understand the intricacies of pool inspections and many miss the telltale signs of damage.

As experts in swimming pool inspection, we can pinpoint any issues of concern with the structure of the pool itself, the functionality of its heaters, accessories, pumps and filters, and the safety and quality of the deck surface. We’ll thoroughly assess each element of hot tubs, pools and spas and provide you with a highly detailed report to either assure you of your purchasing decision or to negotiate needed repairs before closing on your new home.

Empower yourself with the knowledge you need and experience confidence in closing your real estate transaction, whether you’re the current homeowner or the potential buyer. Schedule a full swimming pool inspection now.

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