Engineered to pinpoint areas of energy loss within a building, thermal infrared imaging (TII) tests give owners a true picture of the efficiency of their home. As an optional home inspection service, TII is recommended for potential buyers and sellers of residential real estate as, in the long run, the savings can be exponential. By highlighting the specific areas where heating and cooling escapes, such as around doors and window seals and through ineffectively insulated areas, thermal imaging not only allows you to stop the loss but to avoid having to extensively replace and repair building elements, blindly hoping for reduced utility bills while spending exorbitant amounts on improvement efforts.

Armed with the industry’s most innovative technology and cutting-edge equipment, we’re able to provide the in-depth information you need to empower yourself through your next home purchase. Don’t rely on amateurs to provide you with unproven data about your home, include a thermal infrared imaging test with your next home inspection. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll benefit from the results.

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